Audible Affirmations

Mind Design Unlimited Audible Affirmations make personal change and development pleasurable and easy!!  Maximize your life's potential by listening to Positive Affirmations in a variety of areas in your life. 

Each day, you can make additional improvements and support the Positive Progress simply by LISTENING!!  Nothing could be easier!!  Audible Affirmations reprogram your mind by replacing the old, negative programming with new and healthy mental programing!!  

You ARE what you THINK!!  So, replace the negative and unproductive thoughts in your mind, with new and healthy beliefs and thoughts!!  Replacing the negative thoughts and implanting new beliefs is the first step in bringing about success and positive changes in your life!!

Audible Affirmations

             What are they?

Audible Affirmations simply are positive statements that you can hear aloud.  Realize that all positive change and most mental health begins with changing the perceptions within our mind.  Without proper programming, we can not overcome the mental barriers that stand in our way.

Think of your brain just like a computer.  If the software is not running properly, then the computer does not work as we want or need it to operate.  Our mind is the same.  Without proper programming and function, we get "stuck" and do not perform as we should. 

Computer malfunctions can be a real headache.  The same happens when our mind gets stuck.  The software is not "loading" properly and we keep waiting for it to fix itself.  We load and reload doing the same things over and over again, thinking the problem may eventually resolve itself.  But, usually without intervention from someone who knows more than we do about it, the computer continues to malfunction. 

Our brains require healthy input, free from defects.  Our brains respond best when it has plain and simple input in language we can understand.  When our thought patterns are self-defeating, it is time for new input.  It is time for new programming.  

Mind Design Unlimited has made change simple.  Reprogramming your mind is much easier now for those who need to hear what they are getting.  These affirmations are many of the same powerful affirmations used in our subliminal programs. 

All of Mind Design Unlimited's Affirmations are developed with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).  NLP is the most professional and efficient form of language programming for the mind.  It is a tested and true science that has only been popular for the past 30 years.  NLP Affirmations are created using the most concise language structures and configurations that make it easy for the subconscious to understand and implement.

Think of NLP like this.  Think of NLP as morsels of food.  Applying NLP to language is like cutting food down into tasty, bite-sized morsels that are much easier to chew and digest.  Without NLP, most affirmations and language structure are difficult for the subconscious mind to digest and utilize.  The simple commands and easy to understand language creates a more appropriate foundation for mind programming, and more effectively creates change.

Mind Design Unlimited has spent years working with NLP  to fine-tune Affirmations and combinations of Affirmations to create the most powerful and effective change in the shortest amount of time.  Proper NLP Development, Scripting, Timing and Production attains the most efficient and professional self-help products on the market today.