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Mind Design Unlimited is a pioneer in the field of Self-Help and Personal Development. Mind Design Unlimited created their first products for clients in 1987.  Since then, we have been improving, expanding and building products as technological advances occur.

Mind Design Unlimited is proud of having a reputation for professional and effective products that not only produce results, but can create change quickly and permanently.  We realize that until people understand how change can occur, they do not completely understand how to make it occur.

Mind Design Unlimited takes the guesswork out of choosing products that may be appropriate. We list benefits with each of our products that make it clear what you can achieve by utilizing them. It is important to understand what can change in your life and how to use these products as part of working toward your personal goals and creating a better life for yourself.

We have made personal change easier.
Today, with new technological advances in digital recording and playback combined with our psychoacoustic production and development you can experience change more quickly and easily. And with so many various titles of products you can use at your own convenience, there are no more excuses to not try these amazing products.

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Christian Flint describes his motivation and inspiration to create Products for Mind Design Unlimited.

Daily Affirmations Video - You Are Worthy!! - Over 500,000 Views Worldwide!

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Our Youtube Video - Daily Affirmations - You are Worthy!      A Gift from Christian Flint and Mind Design Unlimited

Daily Affirmations to help encourage, motivate and guide you. Use this program daily to let go of stress and worry. Utilize this program to help rid yourself of self-defeating habits. Allow this program to enhance your confidence and self-esteem to assist you in reaching your goals.

How to use:

Headphones are recommended, but not necessary.. Find 7 to 8 minutes of time where you will be undisturbed. Sit or recline with eyes opened or closed. Relax and breath normally. Listen to the program and meditate on each affirmation. Give yourself permission to accept new ideas and confidence. Give yourself permission to release any shame, worry or guilt.

As you listen regularly and often to these suggestions / affirmations, you will find that obstacles that have been holding you back will disappear. Also, you will find the confidence and courage to move forward and make healthy decisions in your life. At any point, if you would like to say the affirmations out loud with this program, feel free. It will only enhance the potency of your experience.

If commenting, please be kind and considerate to others who comment or leave feedback about their experiences. Any inappropriate comments will be immediately discarded.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Enjoy!!

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We can help you begin improving your life, as soon as today!  Our Products are known worldwide.  There is a product title designed for your Personal Development and Self-Improvement.  Where it is for your Personal or Professional Life, we have created products that are Safe, Effective and All Natural!

Yes, you CAN change your life, simply by listening!!