Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Q.  What makes your products better than (and different from) those of your competitors?  In other words, aren't all Subliminal and Self-Help Programs created pretty much the same?  Or, are there real, discernible differences that make some programs better than others?

This is probably my favorite question. I will try to keep it short…

I have spent more than 20 years studying subliminals and their effectiveness. My education as a Mental Health Counselor and as a Master Hypnotherapist are probably secondary to my education and knowledge as a sound engineer.

I became a sound engineer in 1986. By 1992, I had opened my first recording studio where I not only developed my own hypnosis and subliminal recordings, but I also accepted clients who wanted to develop their own specialized recordings and productions. I learned a lot from these audio collaborations. I continuously work to make them more and more effective as time goes on.

The advent of digital technology and recording and especially computer analysis, has greatly enhanced what I do. It is an exciting time to be on the cutting edge in this field.

I know most of my competitors and I have researched many of them. I even encounter some of their former customers who have changed over to Mind Design products. These users can be very descriptive about what they experience with the use of subliminal products which is very helpful in my business.

I have discovered that many of my competitors use and boast of “trademarked” technology and impressive sounding names that are intended to make you think there is something more to their products than there really is.

I can give you a couple of trade secrets that sets ours apart:

a.) We use both male and female voice on the affirmations. I began researching subliminal affirmations back in the mid-80′s. Tests show that the most effective subliminal products were those that use voices of both genders. This is because most people are more receptive to either a male or female voice.

Our subconscious tends to prefer one over the other — not always — but it is true for many people. Maybe it is because of trauma induced at a younger age? Maybe it is because we grew to accept more support and validation from one specific parent? The possibilities are endless and subjective to each individual, so we provide your subconscious with as many options and support as possible. Almost all of our competitors use only one voice, either male or female.

b.) The frequencies and intonations I use vary from product to product. The music with ocean waves serves a purpose. It is intended first and foremost for relaxation. But, most importantly, the psychoacoustics stimulate your subconscious to help you be more receptive and responsive.

Most all of my competitors use one or the other: nature sounds or music alone. I worked for a long time to find equalization where I can bring up the subliminal affirmations well into the mix, while using the masking effects in the most potent way to stimulate the blood flow in your brain and body.

(Please feel free to send your questions to us.  We will be happy to answer them!)

Q. Since the messages on subliminal recordings are not audible, how can I be sure that the Subliminal Recording contains more than calming music and pleasing sound effects?

A.  Positive affirmations are definitely recorded onto each Mind Design CD produced — at least 100 different affirmations on each recording.

To prove it, you can take it to a sound engineer, trained in psychoacoustics. S/he could use frequency equalization to bring out the audible portions of the voice, separate from the masking (music and nature sounds).

Interestingly, I had a woman who wears hearing aids approach me about the subliminal CDs she has been using. She told me that she thought the subliminals were supposed to be “unheard”, in which I affirmed that they were well masked below the nature sounds and music.

She told me no, and that she could make out almost every statement/affirmation on each CD. I did not believe her so I asked her to write down the affirmations she could make out. To my surprise, she did so, and perfectly. She wrote out most of the affirmations in the script!

Her ability to discern the affirmations amazed me. Her hearing aids had allowed her to develop a hyper acuity to the frequencies of the human voice. Therefore, she could easily hear the statements/affirmations on the CDs. Her hearing aids canceled out the masking sounds and enhanced the voices so she could hear them loud and clear!


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