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Please Note, we do not accept phone orders at this time.  All orders can be placed through this website.  We also offer Customer Support online at the email above.  We stopped our Phone Support in 2020 primarily because of Covid and Staffing.  We have reconfigured our Supports and Services to our online staff only. 

Update: March 22 2024 

 Due to the Covid Epidemic, China has closed most all of its supply manufacturing for compact discs (CDs) and necessary printing inks which we were dependent on.  We are currently looking for alternatives to supply our demand.  At this time, we can offer only MP3 Digital Downloads for sale.  Please do not attempt to purchase CDs until we can find adequate allternatives..  All titles that were avaialbe on CD are also available for MP3 Digital Download.  Please contact our Customer Support if you have any questions or concerns about this recent update and change. 

Thank You for your Patience and Understanding in this matter.