Guided Imagery

What is Guided Imagery?

Guided Imagery is a relaxing experience that is fundamentally therapeutic and peaceful.  The specific goal is to relax and destress.  The facilitator has you imagine and visualize various images, sounds, thoughts and experiences that guide you through a mental journey.  This assists the mind and body in experiencing a vast array of visual, psychological, emotional and even physical encounters that are usually very enjoyable and purely subjective.  Often, the listener can have various or different experiences while listening to the same recording over and over again. 

While Guided Imagery is very similar to hypnosis, it tends to employ more participation on the listeners behalf, as it requires the listener to visualize and mentally experience the guided journey.  The healing and emotional experiences can be profound for some.  Many people who enjoy creative visualization, truly enjoy these enhanced guided imagery programs.  With practice, these guided imagery experiences can become more realistic and powerful.

Guided Imagery is becoming a popular tool in self-help, especially in the areas of healing and recovery.  Many research studies have shown the profound effects on the human mind and body while utilizing Guided Imagery recordings.  Guided Imagery is an effective tool for reducing stress, empowering your immune system and giving more personal clarity in your daily life.   Those that have experienced Guided Imagery usually enjoy the lasting effects and the pleasant experience it provides.

If you have not tried Guided Imagery, now is the time.  Make use of one of our Guided Imagery products to enhance your life.  Gain more control over your Mind / Body Connection and learn how powerful your mind and body truly are.  Your Mind and Body have a tremendous capacity that you may have yet to discover.  It is time to tap into those abilities and exercise the unknown potentials that exist within you.

  • Increase the connection and control between your mind and body
  • Develop a much deeper "Inner Awareness"
  • Gain Control over Stress and Anxiety
  • Gain more confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Enhance the Brainwave Entrainment that helps you reduce bad habits and develop better, more productive habits
  • Gain more Personal Clarity in your life
  • Strengthen and Enhance Your Immune System
  • Become more aware and understanding of your body's communication
  • Overcome Illness and Disease
  • Facilitate more control and success in your personal life
  • Greater Building and Strengthening of your Mind / Body Conditioning