The Relationship Series

 C O M I N G  S O O N ! ! !

with Christian Flint, MA, M.C.Ht. 
Relationship Expert

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This is the long awaited Series by Christian Flint who also partnered up with Healthy Body : Healthy Mind and Mind Design Unlimited.  This Series is the Perfect Way to better understand yourself and how you identify in relationships.  This information can literally save your marriage / relationship or help you find and build a long-lasting relationship.

This Series is packed full of Helpful and Practical information.  It is easy to understand.  And, it will help you learn how and why you may have struggled in Relationships in the past and present.  Many people want to understand better today, how they can improve their personal and professional lives, and it often is done through empowering yourself and identifying why you struggle in personal and even professional relationships.  This Relationship Series is pivotal in identifying how and why we struggle, and more importantly, what you can do about it.  

Mr. Christian Flint has spent years in study and research working to better understand "Relationship Dynamics".  His work is incredible, because he has found ways to explain even the most difficult Personal and Relationship Problems in the simplest, easy to understand ways.  

His Formal Education and obtaining a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling gave him a firm background to begin learning how and why Relationships succeed or fail.  His Clinical Work with couples and individuals gave him the opportunities to work and hone his Theories and Applications.  Today, people and couples are leading more productive lives and living in successful, fulfilling and happy relationships by working with Mr. Flint and applying his many techniques.  

Mr. Flint's background also includes Hosting the Radio Show "Healthy Body : Healthy Mind" in the earlier 2000's.  His show often had Special Guests that dealt directly with building better relationships and personal improvement.  And, his callers often called in seeking his advice to improve their personal and professional relationships.  His Radio Experience lead him to further research and build relationship awareness to improve the lives of so many who struggle with multifaceted problems and conflict.  


Topics Covered and What You Can Learn

  • Communication
  • Difference in the two sexes
  • Feminism and How it has changed the basis of Relationships in America
  • Chivalry – Did It Really Die?
  • Children and their Impact on a Relationship
  • Anger – How to Put it into Perspective in a Relationship
  • Choosing the Right Mate
  • What to Do When You Fall Out of Love
  • How to Listen to Your Mate
  • How to Build a Better, Stronger Relationship
  • Body Language
  • The RIGHT Way to Say Important Things
  • Never and Always Statements
  • Raising Our Children to Be Husbands / Fathers and Wives /Mothers
  • Being Single in this Modern Age
  • Is Your Relationship or Marriage Worth Saving?
  • Becoming Irreplaceable to Your Mate
  • How To Know When You Are Being Taken Advantage of
  • The 4 Things Men Need to Be Happy In a Relationship
  • Are We Really Built for Monogamy for Life?
  • Validation – The Best Way to Give Empowerment to a Dying Relationship
These Topics and More Will Be Covered!!