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We are down currently to ONLY MP3 Download Sales during this time!

Please Read:

Buyers and Potential Buyers of CD's (only) need to know that Mind Design Unlimited now has sold out of most all of its Compact Disc Stock.  Since Covid, our suppliers (all in China) have either closed their doors permanently or have been slow in starting up production again with our necessary A++ Premium Quality CDs and our CD Printing Inks. 

At this time, we cannot guarantee or fulfill CD orders.  However, our MP3s are still available for download.  

At the outset of Covid, we had purchased stock that was caught up in International Shipping hubs around the world.  Some of the stock we eventually received.  Most of it we did not.  We had hoped that once the Covid epidemic and restrictions were over, factories and business would return to normal.  But that did not happen.  

We have some hope that one or two factories may start manufacturing the necessary stock we rely upon in the next year or so.  We have been in recent communications trying to work out details.  But there is no guarantee for us from suppliers at this point.  We are also seeking alternative routes to supply our demand.  

As most of you know, Mind Design Unlimited has taken pride in being our sole in-house production facility since our inception.  This has guaranteed the high quality we demand and helped us keep our prices lower than most of our competitors.  

We have been amazed and delighted in the amount of interest and orders we have received over the last decade, even though most all businesses and manufacturers and retailers have said that the CD Format is a "dinosaur" and not worth manufacturing or stocking anymore.  We did not find that to be the case for us.  We continued to have a healthy request and make sales of our CD Products well after Covid.  There is even a resurgence of interest in the Compact Disc Format in the past 1 - 2 years, much like Vinyl Albums returned as a music format in the past 4 - 5 years.  So, we do believe that Compact Discs will make a return in the industry, as Consumers now search for feasible formats to store their long-term music collection and self-help recordings on.  

We are so very sorry for this inconvenience.  It has been one we never expected, and we also have no control over.  Covid was the catalyst for the problem.  And, as mentioned, we are still working to find ways around this dilemma.  I feel confident we will find a solution as resources and contacts continue to converge.

Again, we want to Thank our devoted Buyers who have patiently waited for answers on stock supplies, back-orders and sometimes given hope for CD stock that we expected and planned to have in stock, but did not come to fruition.  

Please note, we have lost a considerable amount of revenue (and time) in this ordeal.  We have had to fight to stay afloat in recent months.  But we are working diligently to keep this ship afloat.  With the help of my AMAZING STAFF, we have managed to do the impossible at times.  They are as dedicated to helping our Company survive and maintain our course, as much as I am.  

We have had to make necessary changes to our Company and we may even be relocating our main office to the mid-USA in the next year.  And often, with change, comes opportunity, advancement and improvements.  

Again, I PERSONALLY wanted to Thank You for your Patience, Understanding AND PATRONAGE over these years and through these hardships. 

Mind Design Unlimited was just getting a foothold 20 years ago this month and building its online presence.  By 2007 we had an amazing, viable online mail-order business with about 55 products when we first went online.  Today, with over 90 titles and building, we continue to do business and assist people with their self-help needs.  It does not take long by reading the hundreds of unsolicited emails per month in how we have helped to positively change the lives of the hundreds of thousands (or possibly millions, by now) of lives of those who have utilized our products, services and videos since our inception.

We will keep you posted as things change.  Many of you have been writing in to ask what is happening with our Business and if everything is okay.  We can confidently respond that our business is sound and viable.  And we will continue providing products and services in the many years to come.  We will also be growing and expanding in new and exciting ways!!  Stay Tuned!!

Again, please remember, at this time, MP3s for ALL of our products are still available for immediate purchase and download.  From today, April 22nd, 2024, any CD purchases that actually may skip through the Check-Out Screening will be reimbursed.  So, please do not make any CD purchases at this time.  As, we will only have to return your money.  This can cost you, us and our Webmaster / Merchant Account unnecessary fees and penalties.  And we are trying to avoid that for everyone at this time.  

I hope everyone is doing well.  Thank You for being a supporter and buyer of our Company.  And we promise to continue to deliver great and helpful products in the years to come.  


Christian Flint, MA, M.C.Ht.
CEO / Director - Mind Design Unlimited

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