Mind Design Unlimited began developing products in 1987 for personal change and personal development.  While there were various types of self-help products on the market, Mind Design Unlimited decided to take current concepts and what was effective on the market and combine it with new advances in psychoacoustics, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Guided Imagery, Subliminals and Binaural Beat Technology and build products that were the cutting edge in the Self-Help field.


During this time, Mind Design Unlimited was also one of the first to research and develop an effective Surgical Patient Support ProgramSurgical Patient Support Program (trademark) is continually researched and advanced today.  This Pre-, Intra and Post Surgical Program was developed to support and ease the surgical process in individuals and produces a more effective surgical process through faster healing, confidence and even significant financial savings.

Through the 1990s, Mind Design Unlimited created products for small groups and individuals that were often participants in research groups, independent studies as well as private clients.  For eleven years, Mind Design Unlimited worked with clients that were often referred by physicians, health care practitioners and mental health specialists.  Mind Design Unlimited was able to observe and report effective changes as well as directly work to improve products that would soon be available for public use.

In the 2000s, Mind Design Unlimited worked to build products that were effective for individuals seeking safe, fast and effective ways to create personal change.  While most companies boast of the powerful effectiveness of their products for general use, Mind Design Unlimited invested much time in creating products that would work for most people, most of the time.  We understand that it is impossible to build a product that is guaranteed 100% effective all of the time, especially when most buyers self-diagnose and can often even mistake symptoms and causes.

2017, and current day, finds Mind Design Unlimited running strong and advancing its technology and philosophy of creating extraordinary personal change products for individuals dedicated to changing their life for the better. 

As many clients can attest, we randomly contact previous buyers in order to gather information (completely confidential) in order to find out their personal satisfaction as well as if they have met their personal goal(s) in using our product(s).  Of course, this is entirely voluntary on the part of the buyer.  However, we know of no better way to maintain client satisfaction as well as advance our products to maintain our exceptional reputation.

We also work hard to educate, inform and support purchasers of our products.  Our Monthly Newsletter, open forums for communication and e-mail support can give the buyer the confidence needed to know that Mind Design Unlimited supports every product that we sell. Our newsletters, blogs and updates offer much free information and knowledge that can improve your life, and your physical and emotional health.