Christian Flint, MA, MCHt


Christian Flint is the director and creator of Mind Design Unlimited.  Mr. Flint has an extensive history in creative technology as well as the formal education to advance Mind Design Unlimited as a pioneer in the field of self-help and personal development.

Mr. Flint has an extraordinary background that is hard to imagine until you hear it all for yourself.  In part, Mr. Flint is a singer / songwriter / musician, sound engineer, mental health counselor, hypnotherapist, and a legal / medical consultant.  As well, Mr. Flint was born with Cerebral Palsy.

In Mr. Flint's earlier life, he spent much of his time overcoming his disability with several operations performed at Shriner's Crippled Children's Hospital and at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC.  It was at Duke University in 1978 that Mr. Flint was first taught self-hypnosis as a valuable resource in pain management.  Shortly after learning to manage his pain associated with his disability, ongoing therapy and operations, Mr. Flint mastered the use of self-hypnosis and began using it to make personal life changes beyond his Cerebral Palsy disability.

Mr. Flint quickly learned what an incredible tool hypnosis is and expanded his knowledge and abilities by studying music therapy, guided imagery, subliminals, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), psychoacoustics and other relevant and adjunctive therapies.  Mr. Flint quickly found that most of this knowledge is not taught in any formal schools.  He studied and researched through many years of his life by seeking out those in various successful capacities that would share their knowledge.

Mr. Flint considers the extended education and training that he has received from various mentors, teachers and peers as "priceless".  He wants to continue to educate himself and others through Mind Design Unlimited.

More than most, Mr. Flint understands the power of the human mind.  He has spent most of his life learning and understanding the basis of neuropsychology / neurophysiology and about changing human behavior.  Overcoming Cerebral Palsy has been a challenge that he accepted at a very young age, and has used this as a foundation to understand the mechanics of personal life change and development.

Mr. Flint currently resides in the Central Florida area.  He has his recording studio built into his home.  He continually works on product development and researches constantly to create the best self-help and personal development products known.

Mr. Flint has blogs and contributes to the "Design Your Mind" Monthly Newsletter from Mind Design Unlimited.  He welcomes inquiries and works hard to respond to those who contact him.


The New Smyrna Beach Wellness Centre 

1991 - 1993
(Part of Where I began my Practice)

"Here are some  newspaper articles I uncovered in a recent move.  I had forgotten about these articles documenting more about what we did at The New Smyrna Beach Wellness Centre.  We moved in to the new building in January 1993.  I had to close the Centre to go back to school full time and work for my internship.  I remember working and going to school most all of my waking hours.


I enjoy the fact now that so many people have embraced the many aspects of stress reduction and its importance.  Knowing and understanding the importance of controlling stress is one of the first steps in developing the "Mind / Body Connection" as well as gaining more empowerment in your life.


The doctor / surgeon mentioned; Dr. John Greene turned into a very close and dear friend of mine.  He saw, first hand, how the work I do affects the individual.  As a surgeon and dealing with people's body AND emotions daily, he recognizes the importance of developing a strong foundation in Mind / Body work.


If only more doctors / surgeons and healthcare workers could make this connection as Dr. Greene has done.  I consider him a true "healer" in the medical profession, because he understands and teaches the Mind / Body Connection. There needs to be more work focused on "dovetailing" "Mind / Body" Healing and current healthcare.  I believe this union could benefit all patients in most all stages of healing / health.


I had planned to reopen The New Smyrna Beach Wellness Centre.  The client and referral base was building fast.  There are just not enough hours in the day sometimes to accomplish what all we set out to accomplish."

-  C. Flint