Develop Your Psychic Ability - Subliminal Audio Program - Build Your Psychic Connection, Naturally!
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Develop Your Psychic Ability - Subliminal Audio Program - Build Your Psychic Connection, Naturally!

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Develop Your Psychic Ability

Subliminal Audio Program

This Audio Program is incredibly effective

in Developing Your Psychic Ability!


Would you like to have more psychic intuition?


Would you like to have stronger perceptions about what is going to happen in the future?


Would you like to develop a better "Inner-Attunement"?


Would you like to struggle less with reading or perceiving information about others? 


Would you like to create a larger base of psychic development and awareness?

Would you like to develop your psychic abilities even stronger and on a more "professional" level?

Would you like to be able to answer others questions with more accuracy and detail when asked about their future, past or information that pertains to their personal and professional life?


There ARE Secrets for Creating and Developing

Psychic Abilities and Attunement



... Simply listen to this Audio Program while resting, working or playing.  Meanwhile, your subconscious mind will soak in the powerful subliminal suggestions that will begin transforming you into a more Perceptive and Accurate Psychic! 



This Subliminal Audio Program was produced and created using the most sophisticated digital recording and processing available today.  The background provides ocean waves and beautiful synthesizer music to enhance your relaxation.  You hear no audible words or voices (but they are there).  Play this recording over and over again while you sleep, relax, or work at your computer.  This program will begin to increase and develop your psychic perceptions and awareness.


Product Sample

Listen to an Audio Sample of one of our Subliminals Below.

This sample is from "Positive Attitude". 
Your Music / Audio Format will Sound Very Similar.


This Subliminal Audio Program is designed to help you
(but not limited to):


  • Become More Attuned to Information You Want to Know
  • Develop Stronger Psychic Perceptions About Others and the World Around You
  • Become More Confident About Your Psychic Abilities and Perceptions
  • Develop Clearer Visions and Perceptions of What You See, Hear and Understand
  • Build a Stronger Focus of What You Want to See and Interact With Psychically 
  • Obtain More Accurate Details About the Images and Perceptions Your Receive
  • Be Able to Open Yourself Up Much More to the Universe and Your Surroundings
  • Develop a Keener and Quick Perception of Information You Receive
  • Be Able to Communicate More Clearly with Others About What you See and Perceive Psychically
  • Create a Better Understanding About What You See, Hear and Perceive With Your Psychic Awareness

Many people are already born with Psychic Intuitiveness.  And even many of those that are Psychically Attuned will admit that they believe that EVERYONE has this capability within themselves.  Building Your Psychic Awareness and Attunement is up to you.  

Much like musical abilities and skills.  No great musician was ever born with the skills that they later develop and are known for.  ALL great musicians must learn, practice and create their skills.  Ask anyone of them, and they will tell you of the thousands of hours they have invested into their skill / profession that has made them well-known and great at their art.  As a listener, you only see / hear their finished works and accomplishments after the fact.  

Psychic Awareness and Attunement is also a "skill" that needs to be developed and mastered. Practicing it over time gives you better skills and accuracy.  And, you must WANT to develop it.  No great artist started out great.  They had a strong drive to become great at their art in most every case.  

As mentioned, Psychic Attunement is a natural gift for some people.  But, many Professional and Well-Known Psychics attest that we all can develop a stronger psychic awareness with regular practice.  And, creating a strong foundation for psychic awareness is vital to have clearer and more developed visions.  

This Subliminal Audio Program is Helpful for Any Psychic at Any Level.


Whether you are just beginning to develop your skills or
               Whether You Have Been Doing Psychic Work for Many Years,
this Product Can Help YOU!!

Whether you want to become a stronger medium, intuitive and / or even quickly read information about others, you need to establish a strong foundation of psychic awareness and attunement that works within you.  As you develop your skills and confidence, you will better understand what this means over time.  It will give you a stronger sense of understanding as well as developing an accuracy that even stuns the biggest skeptics. 


True Psychic people are not shy or intimidated.  As they are comfortable about what they know and understand.  At the same time, they are able to take in their surroundings.  They are able to draw "energy" and insights from objects, people, places and even photos.  They can do this because they can harness and discern their imagination or other mental clutter from the real information they need to see and understand.   This takes much practice for most psychics.  

Your "Inner Awareness" is created and built over time.  You need positive and powerful affirmations that can assist your subconscious in developing and motivating you to develop these inner strengths and skills.  Psychic Attunement is always developed from the Inner - Mind.  It comes from Attunement and Awareness.  And, for you to "tap-in" to this awareness, you must develop a foundation to understand what you are seeing, feeling, sensing or "picking up" from these signals.  

And, Psychic Awareness and Abilities are not a game.  As a matter of fact, most people consider it a gift.  We, here at Mind Design Unlimited, are not interested in the "novelty" of Psychic Ability, but in the true natural abilities that each individual seems to have within themselves.  We have seen and experienced enough to realize that there is a "Third Eye" in each person.  And, this ability manifests in most everyone, when and if they choose to develop it.  Sometimes it truly stands out in some people more than others.  But, we are confident that the real Psychic Ability that we all appear to have can be developed with the right tools, time and practice.  


Over the decades that we have studied the Mind / Body Connection, we have noticed real psychic phenomenon that manifests as we research related abilities in humans.  These abilities certainly appear stronger and more accurate in some than others.  But, regardless, it is a real phenomenon.  Additionally, we have developed relationships with many people with these exceptional skills and asked them questions.  And, many of the answers they gave are what we have shared with you.   Our Subliminal Audio Program is a result of years of work that culminates into Mind Programming that very quickly helps you to develop the proper skills to support a very strong psychic attunement.  



This is a GREAT Way to Develop a Stronger

Psychic Awareness and Attunement!!


Remember, these are constant subliminal affirmations playing in the background under beautiful music and nature sounds.  You will experience no embarrassment while listening to it at work, at home, or around friends and family.  This powerful method will program your subconscious to Develop Your Psychic Ability!  Changing and motivating your subconscious programming is one of the BEST WAYS to DEVELOP PSYCHIC EMPOWERMENT in YOUR LIFE!!. 

Change Your Life Now...

Buy Today!


 The feedback and responses below are exclusively for this product;

Develop Your Psychic Ability - Subliminal Audio Program


*    *    *

“I am listening everyday and I notice a difference about what I am perceiving about myself and others.  This is a great CD.  I should have bought it sooner.

 *    *    *

Great Psychic Ability CD!!  I love this!!! It has helped my meditations to manifest quicker than ever! It works! I have not been able to talk to spirits yet but I can tell - it has helped my meditations to manifest!

*    *    *

Can't explain exactly, but the confidence I got alone was worth the price!!  This CD opened up some areas and abilities which lie dormant, now I must continue with this to see how much I can advance. Everyone is looking for something When they purchase a CD like this, I believe you will be rewarded.

*    *    *

“I REALLY LOVE this product!!  Keep up the good work!!”

*    *    *

“[T]his has made me even more of a believer in psychic awareness.  I bought this somewhat skeptical about what I know about psychic stuff.  Now that I have used it for the better part of a month, I can feel a difference and I have internal "knowledge' about things like never before.  I give you credit for making something that can benefit people like this.  I am buying more of your cds now.”

*    *    *

“I am a practicing psychic medium.  I also have a gift shop here and this CD arrived to me as a gift from one of my regular patrons.  After only a few listens I noticed that my perceptions are stronger and I am able to more clearly describe what I feel and see to my clients.  The music is pleasant as well.  So, I play it in my shop and office through much of the day.  I feel more at peace and at one with my Universe.  This is truly a Special Gift.  It has helped me professionally and personally. "    

*    *    *

“WOW...  all I can say is WOW!  This really woke me up spiritually and psychically.  This has been more effective for me than most anything I have purchased before.”

*    *    *

Good CD. Subliminals work for me.  Love it. 

*    *    *

 “I experienced and felt a difference from the first time I used this cd.  It creates a deeper understanding.  I thought I was good but this has made me better. ”


*    *    * 

This CD is the best of its kind.
*    *    *
Since I listened to this subliminal CD, my thoughts has been changed, Now, I can supporting my opinion,,decisions and improve my life.  Continuously, I pay attention to the occurrence of positive events, and I am happy when they occur as I thought it. It was beyond belief to buy this item, because the desired results are achieved for your immediately, meanwhile others do not do it.

Jaime Zamora Alvarado - Mexico


*  *  *

Audio Program Running Time is Approximately One Hour

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