Fear of Computers - Subliminal Audio Program - Overcome Your Fears of Technology, Naturally!!
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Fear of Computers - Subliminal Audio Program - Overcome Your Fears of Technology, Naturally!!

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Overcome Fear of Computers

Subliminal Audio Program

This is also a good program for most Fears of Technological Devices

such as iPhones, Tablets, Blackberrys, and various electronic equipment.


 Whether you have ever used a computer or not....


This Subliminal Audio Program can start helping you now!!



PsychoAcoustics and Subliminal Programming are QUICKLY

reshaping the way we live, think and perform.


The truth is, technology and computers are here to stay.  While we may be able to avoid them to some degree, we are missing out if we decide that computers or technology can do nothing for us.  


Often, as people age, we develop fears of things we are not accustomed too.  It is natural to fear the things we do not understand.  And, it is natural to fear something if we have had a bad experience with it.  


Fear of Computers is a great Subliminal Audio Program if you have felt alienated from technology.  Additionally, many people fear computers because they believe they may "break" the computer or do irreversible damage to it.  But today, most all technology is very durable to basic use and learning.  It is highly unlikely you will break something while learning it or using it in general.  

Nonetheless, your fear is real.  And, we understand that you may need motivation and support to overcome your feelings and anxiety when it comes to working with new technology.  This program is designed for people of all ages.  And, it has been used effectively by people from all walks of life.  

The truth is, most every phobia and fear can be cured.  Most every person who has a phobia can overcome it, as long as they are willing to overcome it.  Just be willing and you have increased your chances ten-fold.  Your phobia or fear can be eradicated.  


How is this done?


When you develop a fear or a phobia, it is most always associated with an experience or event.  Amazingly, we need no more than to create that event in our own mind. 

Even with plane flight, a person can only think of the plane crash results they have viewed on television or feel how helpless they would be if trapped in an airplane falling from the sky.  Their imagination only entrains the mind further to imagine the worst case scenario.

In order to counteract these thoughts, we need different programming and support.  We require sufficient and appropriate thoughts and information to develop new ways of thinking and feeling about our worst fears.  While this sounds easy and logical to most, there is a very specific strategy to reprogram the mind and cause it to think and react differently.  And, we do it often in our life.  

Situations that turn into phobias are things that we feel we have no real control over.  And, we are afraid to even test or work to overcome our phobia because we still believe that the worst could happen.  We believe even statistically, we will be the "one" that the worst case scenario happens too.  

Subliminals are excellent for fears and phobias, because they slowly and safely desensitize you concerning your greatest fear.  Over time, your mind gets healthy, positive affirmations that helps create a safe realization and thought process concerning your phobia.  Over the course of a few days or weeks, you slowly begin to feel less and less anxiety, as you listen to the subliminal recording.  Pretty soon, you feel little to no anxiety as a result to even your worst fear and doubts.


We WANT you to be successful.  That is why we have put our best effort, programming, technology and information into this incredibly powerful Audio Program.   With just a few days of listening, you can completely lose your fears and worries about working with a computer or new technology.  You will be easily able to work on a computer and enjoy the experience.  

Overcome your Fear of Computers,

Safely, Quickly, Effectively and Easily!!


Listen to this Audio Program while sleeping, working, surfing the net or exercising.  Meanwhile, your subconscious mind will soak in the powerful subliminal suggestions that will begin transforming your mind and body, ridding you once and for all of your Fear of Computers!  This Subliminal Audio Program was produced and created using the most sophisticated digital recording and processing available today.  The background provides ocean waves and beautiful synthesizer music to enhance your relaxation.   You hear no audible words or voices (but they are there).  Play this recording over and over again while you sleep, relax or prepare for sleep.  In just a few days or weeks, you will notice how your perspective changes concerning your feelings and anxiety about technology and computers.  

Your subconscious mind directs your mind and body’s daily

functions and focus.

Use the power of your mind with these subliminal affirmations to overcome your Fear of Computers.



This powerful program can make a safe, fast and effective change as you listen regularly to this Audio.  The psychoacoustics are used to program the parts of the brain that develop long term change and patterns.  These Neurological Pathways develop over continued use.  Developing these positive, routine thoughts will dissolve your fear of computers and technology and make your life simpler and easier.   


 Product Sample

Listen to an Audio Sample of one of our Subliminals Below.

This sample is from "Positive Attitude". 
Your Music / Audio Format will Sound Very Similar. 



What people are saying about this Audio Program


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"My 87 year old grandmother was terrified of a computer we bought her for Christmas two years before.  After getting her to listen to this CD a few times, she was able to work on the computer and learn a few things.  This seemed to give her the confidence and motivation she needed."

Marshall and Patty O.

 *  *  *

"I've always been nervous about breaking stuff especially electronics.  I brought [sic] this CD and I believe it worked for me.  I am at the computer right now.  That should say something. "



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        Allow this powerful Audio Program to work for you NOW!

Audio Program Running Time is Approximately One Hour


Legal Disclaimer:   We do not diagnose, treat or consult any individuals personal condition.   Use this product only as directed.  We make no extraordinary claims about this or any of our products.  Use at your own risk.  

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