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Deep Restful Sleep - Guided Imagery / Progressive Relaxation - Audio Program

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Sleep Better, beginning tonight!!  

This Audio Programming is an advanced Sleep Aide Program.  It is specially designed and produced to give you a deep and restful nights' sleep.  If you have most any type of sleep problem, this audio program can help you work through it, and quickly!!

Whether you are suffering from Insomnia or Unrestful Sleep, this audio program gets your mind and body in sync.  Once your are relaxed, this program then works on your brain waves to begin to induce the REM sleep necessary to get you into a healthy, restful sleep.  There is no other program on the market today, like it.  

Doctors and Health Care Practitioners will tell you that Healthy Rest and Sleep is the best thing to bolster your Immune System.  And, to fight any disease or ailment in your life, you need Healthy Rest and Sleep to recover and rejuvenate.  Mind Design Unlimited and Christian Flint have worked with Healthcare Practitioners over 30 years to best understand how to obtain this Deep, Restful Sleep that is so very healing and helpful.  
* Also Recommended by Doctors and Health Care Providers.

Working also in conjunction with the Surgical Patient Support Program and the Cancer Patient Support Programs, Mr. Flint has been able to bring the advanced technologies used in Cancer Recovery and Surgical Healing Recovery also in order to build and produce this powerful audio program.  Those Patients in Cancer Recovery and Surgical Patient Support have found this Deep, Restful Sleep Program incredibly valuable and a necessary support for their recovery, overall health and well-being.  Learn and utilize this powerful program in order to develop Preventative Care in your life, as well as build excellent sleep habits and benefits.  Your Immune System, mental health and physical health depends on it.  

Mr. Flint speaks on his "Deep, Restful Sleep - Guided Imagery / Progressive Relaxation" Audio Program:  "I spent many years working with Psychoacoustic Frequencies and Mind / Body Medicine to set a foundation for this audio program.  I know from much experience in working with clients and patients for almost 30 years now, that healthy sleep is the best way toward your personal health and recovery.  Most people do not even know what they are missing.  As so many people have never properly had regular deep, restful sleep.  Only once they have it, do they realize what they have been missing.  Sleep problems, sleep deprivation and not being able to stay in an elongated REM sleep for long often gives rise to a depleted immune system.  Once your immune system is depleted, then your body is open to a variety of physical diseases and ailments, such as cancer.  Never take your sleep for granted.  Your best health depends on it."  - C. Flint  February 18, 2014 Interview  - Mind / Body Healing Journal  

This Audio Program is now a Two-Disc Set.  

The First CD is an Audiobook on "What You Need to Know About Sleep", including the "History of Sleep", and "Types of Sleep Problems" and "The Ways You Can Begin Improving Your Sleep Quality As Soon As Now."  There are Six Audio Tracks within the Audiobook that gives you Great Advice on Sleep that most people do not even realize.  

The Second CD includes two Audio Tracks that Condition your Mind and Body for deep relaxation.  That relaxation is the foundation for excellent quality sleep.  This first audio program is the Guided Imagery / Progressive Relaxation Program that audibly guides you into a restful and deep sleep state. It is designed even for those with the most difficult of sleep problems, or even for those who just need to experience a calm relaxation each night, while going to sleep.  Clearing the mind of "mental clutter" is also one of the helpful parts of this experience.  Slowing down the mind and getting the mind and body to work together in unison, is one of the goals of this audio program.  The Mind and Body work together to bring about healthy rest and relaxation.  This first track is excellent for you to experience and maintain that goal.  

The second track is a Psychoacoustic audio track specially written and performed by Mr. Flint.  This Pschoacoustic Program is included to bring about the deepest relaxation and sleep state possible.  Most people just play through to this second track to continue to lull them into the deepest, most relaxing sleep possible.  Some people enjoy playing it on a loop, as they sleep.  This audio track is excellent to help you stay asleep once you have reached a deeper sleep state.  

These two audio tracks are a powerful combination.

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