Gain More Confidence With Women - Subliminal Audio Program - Approach and Talk to Women More Easily and Naturally!
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Gain More Confidence With Women - Subliminal Audio Program - Approach and Talk to Women More Easily and Naturally!

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Gain More Confidence With Women

Subliminal Audio Program

This Audio Program is Incredibly Effective for Gaining Confidence in Approaching, Engaging and Making Conversation with Women.


 Do you feel nervous around women, especially beautiful women?


Do you "freeze up" when you try to approach or even talk to a woman?


Do you lack confidence in asking a woman out for a date?


Do you forget interesting topics to talk about when around women?


Do you get nervous, sweaty, shy and anxious around girls?


Well there is something you can do about it.


Your Subconscious Mind Controls ALL Aspects of Your Thoughts and Actions.



... Simply listen to this Subliminal Audio Program while resting, working or playing.  Meanwhile, your subconscious mind will soak in the powerful subliminal suggestions that will begin transforming your life!!  You will begin to change how you think and feel about approaching women, especially the women you are attracted too.


You will feel more confident about yourself and about the specific type of woman you need and want.  If you already have a good love life, this will enhance your masculine instincts and charisma toward attracting the perfect lady into your life.  If you have fallen into a rut emotionally, this powerful audio program will assist you in getting your "game" back and to re-energize and build confidence, self-esteem and sex-appeal.

 Actually women are very attracted to men with confidence.  But, too many men mistake arrogance for confidence.  Women know the difference, and so should you!  Remember, women are as instinctually driven as men.  Women's instincts tell them to find and submit themselves to a man that is secure, confident and capable of protecting them in most any situation.  Women even test men for these attributes.  The men that pass this test get the girl.  The men that do not pass these tests, go home alone.  
The truth is, women WANT you to pass their tests!!  Women are becoming increasingly disappointed with men today.  Their "instincts" cause them to test the men, yet too often, men fail.  There are a myriad of reasons for this.  And, even sometimes, women do not even realize they are testing the man for his strengths, attributes and abilities.  The next thing you know, you are both caught up in the "friend zone", that is if she still wants you to be in her life.

One of the more widely accepted theories today, is that most men are increasingly being raised by their mother.   Single parent homes are becoming more increasingly prominent, with the father more as a "Weekend Dad" instead of full time.   Mothers have become the authority figure of her home, with the children obeying her.  This is normal and healthy "parent - child" routine.  

The problem arises as boys become adults.  Yet, the boy is still subconsciously stuck in the "parent-child" mode.  He subconsciously views women as more of an authority figure, instead of an equal.  Thus, men will actually sit and wait for women to approach THEM to ask them out.  This is completely against the female instinct.

When women get together and talk about men (and their lack of assertiveness and confidence - and yes, this happens more often than men would ever realize) they usually discuss how disappointed they are in men's lack of assertiveness and authority.  (Again, not to be confused with arrogance and controlling personality.)  These same women spend hours choosing clothes, choosing the right combinations of make-up, then dressing and putting it on that same make-up, specifically to attract MEN!!  (Yes, this means YOU!)  

Most women WANT to be approached.  Most women WANT to be valued and admired, and not just physically.  A man that is insecure and nervous is miles from his destination, as it relates to these women who would love for you to come up to them and make interesting conversation.  The fact that you are a man, gives you ALL of that empowerment in the first place.  It is a matter of you harnessing that empowerment, controlling it and directing it toward the woman you so desire.  

Women already often know their "rating" on a scale of 1 to 10.  Women know this about themselves, much better than even men know where they rank as a male.  In short, women often do the choosing.  But, THEY know that they cannot choose until men make their move.  Actually, women want to feel and be sought after.  So, men who are "on the prowl" generally stir the pot more, which in turn creates more opportunity for women to get to know them. 

And, men who are being more assertive socially increases his chances exponentially!!  It is not a big secret, that men who are social and outgoing not only interacts with more women, he usually gets more women in his life.  And, the more experience he has with women, the easier it becomes for him to approach, interact and attract more women.  

Women commonly accept this, especially in the dating stages of the "game".   Women often are willing to make sacrifices with men socially in order to increase her own chances of meeting the best match for her.  Men do not consider this, simply because men have completely different motvations when it comes to attraction and even sex and intimacy.  

 As a male, you must always "keep moving".  For lack of a better example, sharks must keep moving in order to survive.  When it comes to attraction, and attracting women, you cannot stagnate.  It is harder to come back after a long term stagnation, than it is to keep moving, even when you may feel depressed or lacking self confidence.  

 So, the truth is, you must maintain that mental edge and "courage" all the time.  As you gain more experience with women, your confidence with women actually builds.  And, as you gain your confidence it is easier to know what to say and do around women.  This Audio Program will help you do just that; gain the courage and obtain that mental edge that helps put you face to face with women and be the confident male they crave and want to be around.  Your subconscious mind it the key component in making this work.  

Let this Subliminal Audio Program transform you into a Confident Male that women notice from across the room. Let this program build your motivation and assertiveness that gives you the edge even beyond other men...   beyond men that may be better looking than you...  or beyond men who have more money than you.  You will be able to pick and choose the girl you want and approach her.  She will enjoy your confidence and charismatic style.   And, all you need to do is listen and beging following your instincts.  It is that simple.



 Your Success is OUR Success!!



This Subliminal Audio Program was produced and created using the most sophisticated digital recording and processing available today. The background provides ocean waves and beautiful synthesizer music to enhance your relaxation.  You hear no audible words or voices (but they are there).  Play this recording over and over again while you sleep.  Your confidence concerning women and self-worth will begin to increase almost immediately!  This program is great for enhancing your optimism and energy about finding attractive women and getting the attention, intimacy and love you deserve and want.


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This Subliminal Audio Program is designed to help you
(but not limited to):

  • Build your overall confidence with women
  • Approach women that you are attracted too
  • Attract more women into your life
  • Enhance Your Interpersonal Communication Skills - (ICSs)
  • Develop a Stronger and Immediate Connection with Women You Meet
  • Increase Your Sex-Appeal
  • Draw Attention to Yourself; Physically, Mentally and Personally
  • Attract the specific type of women you want
  • Prepare You for More Social, Physical and Personal Interaction with Women


What a GREAT Way to Increase

Your Confidence with Women!!


Remember, these are constant affirmations playing in the background under beautiful music and nature sounds.  You will experience no embarrassment while listening to it at work, at home, or around friends and family.  This powerful method will program your subconscious for ULTIMATE Success with meeting desirable women and increasing your chances with them exponentially!  Changing your subconscious is the BEST WAY to empower yourself and prepare for more interaction with women.  


Audio Program Running time is approximately one hour.


 The feedback and responses below are exclusively for this product;

Gain Confidence with Women  - Subliminal Audio Program


*     *     *


 "This thing (CD) is a gem!!  I am more confident with women like never before. My anxiety and nervousness is gone.  I now focus more on the girl, without being so conscientious about myself.  This has made a major difference in my life."



 *   *   *

"I was married for 17 years and I am two years divorced now.  I was really surprised how much dating has changed.  Women can be brutal.  i was striking out in the bar scene and no luck with internet dating.  I found this CD online and bought it.  After a week or so, I noticed that my posture was different, I was holding my head higher and I felt more confident about meeting girls.  I even walked right up to one of the girls I work with, cute and about 10 years younger and asked her out.  She blushed and said "yes".  She is alot of fun and we have more in common that I thought.  We have had several dates and I am hanging out with a couple more ladies I like.  So, this CD helped alot."
Paul K.


*   *   *

"GGEESSH... every guy should have this in his arsenal.  I was not very good with women.  But, now I am confident and able to approach the women I think is [sic] attractive.  I am writing to say thanks a lot for this CD.  I listen to it for about an hour before going out and I really am able to focus and listen to these ladies.  Instead of talking about myself, I have learned to ask questions about them.  It seems to work well.  So, if that is what this CD is about, I am cool with it. Great stuff!"

Arnold B.


*    *    *


Legal Notice:  We make no extraordinary claims regarding any of our products, including this one.   Since we do not know your personal life condition we do not consult, diagnose or treat any person or condition exclusively.  These products are to be used at your own risk.  If you have any questions regarding this product, please contact us directly.  We take all inquiries seriously. 

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