More Confidence With Public Speaking - Subliminal Audio Program - Be Relaxed and Confident in Front of Any Size Audience
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More Confidence With Public Speaking - Subliminal Audio Program - Be Relaxed and Confident in Front of Any Size Audience

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More Confidence With Public Speaking

Subliminal Audio Program

Need more confidence

with public speaking ?


Are you afraid to get up

and speak in front of others?


Do you start to sweat

and become anxious even by the thought

of speaking in front of others?


Do you forget information and important points because of your nervousness while doing presentations or sales?


Are you embarrassed by sweating, blushing, stammering or being nervous during presentations?


Do you believe others think negatively about you during or after

a speech or presentation??



...Let this Audio Program help you now!




Simply listen to this Audio Program while sleeping, surfing the internet, working or relaxing. Meanwhile, your subconscious mind soaks in the powerful subliminal suggestions that will begin transforming you into a healthier, more Confident Public Speaker! 

This Subliminal Audio Program was produced and created using the most sophisticated digital recording and processing available today.  The background provides ocean waves and beautiful synthesizer music to enhance your relaxation. You hear no audible words or voices (but they are there).  You can allow this recording to play over and over again while you sleep, meditate or prepare for sleep.


Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Christian Flint uses his unique expertise as a sound engineer and musician and the knowledge he acquired through his Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling to create this powerful CD for your benefit.



Product Sample

Listen to an Audio Sample of one of our Subliminals Below.

This sample is from "Positive Attitude". 
Your Music / Audio Format will Sound Very Similar. 


Below are some of the feedback for this particular product:


“I do feel more calm and focused when I do my presentations now.  This CD has truly helped me.”

D. Martin


*  *  *

"The hardest thing about accepting my new job promotion was knowing I would be expected to give sales presentations as well as doing some educational training to larger groups.  I was so nervous the first few times, I faked illness (well, really I was sick in thinking about having to get up in front of so many people).  My assistant found this CD and she had me order it.  I started listening to it right away.  The following week and my next presentation went very well.  I was able to get up and speak for more than 30 minutes with very little anxiety at all. "

Blake M.

*  *  *

"I am a teacher / trainer at an art school.  I have always been asked to teach or do seminars for my profession.  But, I usually always declined the invitations because I was always so fearful of speaking in front of others.  No one knew about my phobia.  I researched many online programs and even read a couple of books to try to help me overcome this overwhelming anxiety that I had.  I finally came across your CD and ordered it.  After about 3 weeks I realized that my anxiety was beginning to disappear.  I actually became excited about the thoughts of getting up in front of people and teaching.  That is so strange for me.  But now, here I am.  I am teaching at an art school which has always been a dream for me.  "

Sara Beth

Manitoba, Canada

*  *  *

"I am a sales trainer for an insurance company here in Delaware.  I have alot of students that must do presentations in front of groups, large and small.  Many of them (probably more than half) have alot of stress when speaking in front of people.  I always recommend your CDs.  This one in particular.  I find, when they really do listen to this thing, it makes a difference in their confidence and professionalism.  I know it works.  Just wanted to tell you that."

Marcus D.




Your Confidence and speaking ability is vital for your personal success as well as for a healthy mental attitude.  Studies show that confident speakers have more success in life and tend to be happier overall.  Speaking Confidence enables a person to express themselves easier and create stronger bonds in communication and relationships, both professional and personal. 

Without appropriate optimism and confidence in speaking to others, work performance can slow and you become filled with self-doubt.  You are more prone to depression and you suffer from lack of joy and happiness in your life.  A Confident and Optimistic Attitude about Speaking to others is vital for healthy, daily functioning for your personal and professional life!


Your subconscious mind directs your daily life and routine. 

Learn to use that power simply by listening.


Do NOT use this Audio Program while driving  <

or where alertness is required!


This Audio program was developed as part of the Mind Design Unlimited Subliminal Series.  This enhanced Audio Program relaxes your mind through psychoacoustics and subliminal affirmations.  With this Audio Program, you will find your negative thoughts and patterns begin to change. 

It is important to understand that EVERYTHING about your thought process, life and routine BEGIN with your mind.  Before, to achieve proper and healthy optimism, to relax or to stop your mind from racing negatively, etc... ALL took a conscious effort on your part.  We help you by cutting out the need for that "willpower".  We create neuromotor pathways that change your cycles of negativity and anxiety.  While listening to this Audio Program, you will find yourself becoming more optimistic with peaceful and relaxing sleep, only to wake up feeling rested, clear headed and CONFIDENT!  Don't believe us?  ...Try it!  


These new neuromotor pathways are the natural occurrence

that begins with every new change in your life.


Allow this powerful Audio Program to work for you NOW!


This Subliminal Audio Program running time is approximately one hour.


(* Note:  This Audio Program has been used very successfully by those in the field of sales!  It has been highly recommended by companies and sales professional that need to maintain their focus and confidence to be consistent and successful in their areas of expertise.)


This Audio Program can be used by everyone! **


** Disclaimer If you have serious depression or thoughts of suicide, you may have a diagnosable medical or mental condition that needs professional attention.  Please see a Medical Doctor to possibly diagnose any mental, emotional or physical problems that may require professional intervention and/or medication.  In most cases, this Audio Program can still be used in conjunction with medications and professional treatment.  Consult your physician if you have any questions prior to using this Audio Program in conjunction with any medications or treatment you may have been prescribed.  This Audio Program is regularly recommended by Health Care Professionals as an adjunct to medical and/or psychological treatment.)

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