Post-Surgical Healing Aid - Subliminal Audio Program - Post-Surgery Trauma Healing Recovery
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Post-Surgical Healing Aid - Subliminal Audio Program - Post-Surgery Trauma Healing Recovery

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Post Surgical Trauma 

  ~  Healing Aide  ~


Subliminal Audio Program

* Note:  This Subliminal Audio Program is recommended and endorsed by

The Surgical Patient Support Program.


This Subliminal Audio Program is wonderfully effective in helping you heal after surgery or medical procedures.  Both your body and mind benefit with the support of this program.  Simply by listening, you can reduce your pain, anxiety and stress.



When you go through surgery or medical procedures today, it takes time for the body to heal properly.  Even if it is only a simple incision wound that is healing, your body must make a greater effort than usual to heal and balance once again.  For invasive procedures, it can take months even for someone to heal properly.   

When people are trying to recover, the underestimate the need for rest, stress relief and even proper nutrition and hydration.  Most people do not have the patience to properly lie around and wait for healing.  As soon as they feel a little better, it is common to "over do it" which can set you back and prolong the healing process.  


This Subliminal Audio Program is an effective and essential tool to help you recover naturally.  It promotes healthy rest and relaxation.  It promotes you getting proper nutrition and healthy hydration that your body requires for total healing.  Even more importantly, it helps you manage pain and discomfort that often goes with surgical recovery.  

Regardless of how small or large your surgical or medical procedure will be, you need help to properly and fully recover from any invasive process to your body.  Also, regardless of your diagnosis, you need a sufficient immune system to aide in your recovery.  Building and supporting your immune system is vital to avoid infections, recurring disease, and healing scarring caused by incisions.  

Most people utilize medications for most healing processes.  But, truly your body needs all of the natural help and support it can get.  Side effects from medication can sometimes cause more problems than the actual treatment itself.  You need to focus on natural and organic ways for healing your body when you can. 


An Excellent Resource for those in the healing process!

Your Full Recovery depends on you

taking good care of your mind and body.


The Affirmations, Music and Psychoacoustics on this recording are incredibly effective.  Compare this recording to any you may have heard or used in the past and you will find this Audio Program to be one of the most powerful and well produced Audio Programs you have ever heard!  Subliminals are quickly becoming the fastest, safest and most effective way to modify your mind, body and lifestyle.  Your subconscious is turned on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, protecting your mind and body from outside threats. Training and strengthening this connection creates an amazing healing effect that you can engage to heal and maintain your body.

This program is very easy to use.   Just listen while relaxing, working or even sleeping at least once a day.   Allowing this program to play while you relax will begin to create a stronger and healthier Immune System.   Once you begin to use this powerful program, you will begin to feel the effects of the relaxation and find your mind and body reacting in more healthy and optimistic ways. 

Try it! 


Your sleep will become more restful and healing.  Your energy will begin to increase.  If you already have good health, this is a great enhancer toward your personal health and fitness.  If you have been ill, this powerful audio program will assist your healing and allow your body to re-energize and build strength, energy and immunity.  Allow this powerful Subliminal Audio Program to work for you NOW!


What can be imagined, can be achieved!



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What people are saying about

this Subliminal Audio Program


*  *  *

"Very nice CD.  This helped me so much in my time of need.  Thank You."

Genevieve R.

Boston, MA

*  * *

"We bought this for my mother who has been going through a set of major surgeries.  It took her so long to heal from the previous operations that the doctors were becoming more and more concerned of whether she could be helped.  Before her last operation we bought this for her and she recovered more quickly and felt better than she had been previously.  Whenever she is feeling discomfort or depressed she always asks "where's my CD?"  She listens to is mostly at night before she goes to bed.  She sleeps better and has a more normal lifestyle again.  I think she is doing better than she has in a long time.  We just wanted to say Thank you for this.  She has gotten wonderful results."

Mike and Cathy A.


*  *  *

"A friend recommended this to me while I was in the hospital for an operation about 6 months ago.  I bought it and I must say that my recovery went better than the doctors expected.  They prepared me for the worst I am sure.  But, I sued this CD a few times a day while I was recovering and I did feel better when I used it.  Now, I am fully recovered but I still enjoy using it.  I sleep better and I feel more optimistic when I do."

Ben R.


*  *  *

 "My Dentist is Amazed!  I had very involved dental surgery this past Tuesday. Under sedation, a deep scaling, root canal, post for crown, 21 fillings removed & replaced. I started listening to this CD immediatly following surgery. I have Fibro & my worst fear is that the surgery would start a 'fibro flare', which among other things, includes severe pain through the whole body. If you have experienced a charley horse, imagine that through your whole body & you will have a sense of what fibro pain is like. Anyway, thankfully, no 'fibro flare', as a matter of fact NO gum or tooth pain! I went to see my dentist this Friday & they were AMAZED that my gums were almost back to normal, they have never seen this kind of improvement that quickly. Since the only thing different I did was listen to the Post Surgical CD, I can only surmise that it was the CD that made the difference. I highly recommend this CD & so does my dentist. "

S. Williams


*    *    *


--->  Do NOT use this Audio Program while driving
or where alertness is required!  <---


Program Running Time is about one hour


Legal Disclaimer:  We make no extraordinary claims about this or any other of our Audio Programs.  Please consult your Physician or Health Care provider for any medical advice or treatment.  Use at your own risk.

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