Stop Buying and Shopping Compulsion - Subliminal Audio Program - Reduce Unnecessary Buying and Save More Money
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Stop Buying and Shopping Compulsion - Subliminal Audio Program - Reduce Unnecessary Buying and Save More Money

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Stop Buying & Shopping Compulsion
Subliminal Audio Program

Do you buy clothes and shoes that you have never worn?


Do you have items that still have the price tags affixed that you have never used??


Are you stressed about money?


Do you go up and down store aisles simply looking for things to buy or "good deals"?


Are you getting more unnecessary clutter in your life?


Would like to save more money?


Do you buy things just to feel better?


Are you struggling to meet financial responsibilities?


if some or most of these things above apply to you

...then this Audio Program is for YOU!


You can slow and stop your buying and shopping compulsions while you sleep, work or play!! 

It is true!

This Subliminal Audio Program is designed to help you conquer and gain control over your shopping and buying compulsions.  This Audio Program also helps to melt away the stress and anxiety you may feel when your compulsions arise.  Save more money you have and be more empowered financially.  Be able to take care of financial responsibilities and still have money left over for emergencies, savings and retirement!

Listen while resting, sleeping, working or playing.  Meanwhile, your subconscious mind soaks in the powerful subliminal suggestions that will begin changing your compulsions from shopping and buying.

This Subliminal Audio Program was produced and created using the most sophisticated digital recording and processing available today.  Ocean waves and beautiful synthesizer music enhance your relaxation. You hear no audible words or voices (but they are there).


Play this recording over and over again while you sleep.  Your budgeting and shopping skills and overall money management will begin to increase almost immediately!  This program is great for managing your purchases and focusing only on what you need to buy instead of buying compulsively and unnecessary items.


 Attune your body and mind to this unique empowerment

and watch the incredible changes begin!


NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) is the BEST WAY to program your subconscious mind to empower you to shop and buy less unnecessary things.  NLP is combined with Subliminal Messages that will GREATLY enhance your subconscious attunement.  This Audio Program is the fastest, most effective way to direct your Subconscious Mind!  But, you must CHOOSE and WANT to make the Change!

You will feel more confident about handling and managing money.  With many people, as soon as they get some money, they feel compelled to go and spend it.  And, most often their money is spent on unnecessary items.  Overbuying has even been called "The American Way".  The United States has always been the #1 Consumer Nation in the world!  

But now, many American are beginning to realize that they need to scale back.  Their lives are becoming cluttered and they cannot even manage the material possessions they own.  You can even see it in neighborhoods around the country.  People fill their garage with so much excess and unnecessary items, that they cannot even fit their cars into their garage, as intended.  

Americans are "binge spending" like never before.  And, in times with a recession such as this, people are finding their spending habits and money management out of control.  Never before has there been a crisis such as this.  But, with many individuals - depression, job loss, less money and more time on their hands, they find that shopping and buying makes them feel better. 

This is actually a symptom of depression.  The power of shopping and "purchasing" gives an individual feelings that "maybe things aren't so bad after all".  But, then as the monthly and unexpected bills begin to pile up, they find that their money or savings now is just not enough.  Their binge shopping or compulsive buying spent the necessary funds that are intended for their basics, such as food, electricity, phone, gasoline and even rent.  Even spending money on the necessary things causes a person to feel helpless and more depressed.  So, buying and purchasing the things that we want (instead of need) helps curb our anxiety and depressions about money, but only temporarily.

Studies show that shopping and buying takes a person's mind off their current problems and worries.  So, many Americans purchase unnecessary items and even justify it as being "On Sale" at the time of purchase.  Further investigation shows in most homes around America that individuals and families have a great excess of things they actually do not need.  These are items such as clothing, housewares, home items, bathroom items, with full closets, storage bins, garages and even off-site storage warehouses they pay monthly just to store the excess they own.  Most of it is clutter which can only command a fraction of the money they paid for it in a garage or estate sale.

People are finally "waking up" to this form of depression feelings of "Control" they are trying to manage in their life.  At the very core of it is their Shopping and Buying Habits.  These are habits you have developed, fed and justified most of your life.  And, you are not alone.  Most Americans now have this "addiction".  But, it is time to take control.  Save More Money!!  And, buy what is necessary and not what clutters your life, that makes you feel better only temporarily.   


What GREAT way to Control Your Anxiety!


Remember, these are constant affirmations playing in the background under beautiful music and nature sounds.  You will experience no embarrassment while listening to it at work, at home, or around friends and family.  This powerful method will program your subconscious for ULTIMATE Success with Shopping and Buying Compulsions!  Changing your subconscious is the BEST WAY to Control your Anxiety and Compulsions to give you more control over your life. 


Product Sample

Listen to an Audio Sample of one of our Subliminals Below.

This sample is from "Positive Attitude". 
Your Music / Audio Format will Sound Very Similar. 



See what clients are saying BELOW!!


 *    *    *

 "I had a real problem buying unnecessary things.  It got to the point that friends and family stopping by would threaten (laughingly) to call the producers of the show "Hoarders".  I had no idea I was letting it get so out of control.  All I knew is that I was shopping and buying things that often I did not need.  I felt better when I bought things for myself.  Now, I know it is something that I can control.  And, I am doing much better now that I use this CD."


"My husband and I almost divorced last year from my buying habits.  To make things worse, I had lost my job and I was spending more and more time shopping online and at my favorite stores.  I realize now I was depressed and buying things made me feel better.  This CD was the right investment.  It made things better in my marriage and I found something to help me curve my anxiety about shopping."


"I was embarrassed to admit I had a shopping addiction.  I saw an ad at my church for a group that gets together to support shopping and buying addictions.  I really did not think my problem was so bad.  But, after attending the meetings I began to realize I had a real problem.  Someone there told me about this CD.  I purchased it. It does seem to break my urges to shop and buy unnecessary things.  Now, I just make a shopping list and stick to it.  Anyway, I like your CD, it seems to help a lot."


"This keeps me from purchasing unnecessary things.  Now, I am simply buying what we need.  it helps me stress less about money.  And, I can focus better now."


  *    *    *

The Program Running Time of this Audio Program is about one hour

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