Stop Fingernail Biting - Subliminal Audio Program - Break the Habit of Fingernail Biting and Chewing Naturally
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Stop Fingernail Biting - Subliminal Audio Program - Break the Habit of Fingernail Biting and Chewing Naturally

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Stop Fingernail Biting / Chewing

Subliminal Audio Program

Do you bite and chew your fingernails without even realizing you are doing it?


 Has this been a problem for years of your life??

Do you bite your nails as a nervous habit or when you are bored?


Does your fingers and nails not grow out properly because of your regular nailbiting?


Have you been embarrassed by your habit around friends and / or family?



if some or most of these things above apply to you

...then this Audio Program is for YOU!


You can slow and stop your Finger Nail Biting Habit as soon as TODAY!!


It is true!

This Subliminal Audio Program is designed to help you conquer and gain control over your Nail Biting Habit.  This Audio Program also helps to melt away the stress and anxiety you may feel when your desire to bite and chew on your fingernails arise.  You will be able to grow healthier finger nails and be proud of how your hands and fingers look.

Listen while resting, sleeping, working or playing.  Meanwhile, your subconscious mind soaks in the powerful subliminal suggestions that will begin changing your compulsions from Fingernail biting.

This Subliminal Audio Program was produced and created using the most sophisticated digital recording and processing available today.  Ocean waves and beautiful synthesizer music enhance your relaxation. You hear no audible words or voices (but they are there).


Play this recording over and over again while you sleep.  Your fingernail biting habits and triggers will begin to disappear almost immediately!  This program is great for children and teens also!!


 Attune your body and mind to this unique empowerment

and watch the incredible changes begin!


NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) is the BEST WAY to program your subconscious mind to empower you to break bad, unhealthy habits.  NLP is combined with Subliminal Messages that will GREATLY enhance your subconscious attunement.  This Audio Program is the fastest, most effective way to direct your Subconscious Mind!  But, you also must CHOOSE and WANT to make the Change!

You will feel more confident about controlling your habit.  Within only a few listens of this powerful program, you will notice your fingernail biting urges will go away.  Soon, the desire to bite and chew your fingernails will disappear.  The triggers and anxiety that once made you begin biting your nails will seem to fade away, as well.  

Realize that Fingernail biting and chewing is a subconscious habit.  Most people begin doing it at a young age.  The habit often gets worse with depression or anxiety and stressful times.  Most fingernail biters try to change this habit with Will Power.  And sometimes that works, for a short time.  The best way to break the habit within your subconscious mind, once and for all.  Once you break the habit and what triggers your habit, your hands and fingers will naturally begin to repair the damages that have been created over the years of fingernail biting.

The faster you break this habit, the better off you will be.  Fingernail biting often causes fingernail infections, disfigured nail growth as well as lowering your immune system and opening yourself up to more viruses, bacteria, flu and germs.  Regardless of your hygiene skills, fingers and fingernails are often the most unclean, germ ridden part of the body as you go through your daily life.  Biting and chewing nails also moisten the fingers and nail area, opening them up to attracting more germs from hard, dirty surfaces.  

As you go through out your day, you are constantly, grabbing, reaching, holding, opening, picking items up, putting items down, etc... that exposes your hands and fingers to hundreds of millions of germs and bacteria continuously,  Soon, you are unconsciously putting those same fingers and nails in your mouth, exposing your body to all of these bacteria, germs, disease and illnesses that can do significant harm to your body.  

Studies show that fingernail biters are often sick more often with colds, flu and disease as compared to non-fingernail biters.  Fingernail biters are constantly exposing themselves to germs and illness that almost immediately get put into their mouth.  It is time to break this habit once and for all!!

What GREAT way to Rid Yourself of your Fingernail Biting Habit!



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See what clients are saying BELOW!!


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 "It only took me about 2 and half weeks to break myself of my nailbiting habit I have had since I was a kid.  I listened once or twice a day. I did not even really noticed I had stopped until my wife mentioned.  I am glad I did this.  Thanks."  

Terry B.

Groveland, FL


"Our 8 year old has a nasty habit of biting his nails.  We do not remember how or when it started, but he seemed to always have his fingers in his mouth and biting his nails.  We tried everything in the past 2 years, nothing seemed to work. Finally, we found this CD.  We put it on a loop at night when he is going to sleep.  About 1 week later, we noticed he was hardly ever putting his fingers in his mouth.  Maybe I see him do it every other day now, which is a big improvement. "

Teresa Scott

Roseville, MN 


"I was constantly embarrassed by my nailbiting habit.  I have been biting my nails and chewing fingernails since I was a child.  My parents constantly complained to me, especially my mother.  Anyway, I have stopped biting my nails and actually had my first manicure ever!! I thought you would like to know.  My fingernails have actually grown out!  They look much better.  I am thankful now that I do not have to be embarrassed by my hands and fingernails.  As a woman, I definitely should have done this sooner.  I even feel more "feminine" if that makes any sense."

 Cathy B.
Lynchburg TN


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The Program Running Time of this Audio Program is about one hour


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