Stop Soft Drink Addiction - Subliminal Audio Program - Break Your Addiction to Soft Drinks
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Stop Soft Drink Addiction - Subliminal Audio Program - Break Your Addiction to Soft Drinks

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Soft Drink Addiction

Subliminal Audio Program

Do You Want to break your Soft Drink addiction?


Coke   -   Pepsi   -   Sprite   -   Dr. Pepper  

-   Mt. Dew

Diet Coke   -   Diet Pepsi  -  Diet Sprite  -  Diet Dr. Pepper  

- Diet Mt. Dew


Are you ready to feel healthier?

Do you need to lose excess weight and regain energy?

...let this Audio Program help you now!



Simply listen while working, sleeping, relaxing or while surfing online.  Meanwhile, your subconscious mind will soak in the powerful subliminal suggestions that will begin assisting your body and mind to break free of soft drink addiction!

The most sophisticated digital recording and processing available today were used in producing this powerful Subliminal Audio Program.  The background combines soothing ocean waves and beautiful synthesizer music to enhance your relaxation.  You hear no audible words or voices (but they are there).

Allow this recording to play over and over while you sleep. The physical and mental cravings for soft drinks will begin to diminish almost immediately. And, your resistance against soft drinks will begin to strengthen within a few days of use. This program is also great for increasing relaxation.  It also is very effective in decreasing your addictions to other unhealthy processed foods and fast foods.



Soft Drink Addiction is a serious problem for many people.  If you are addicted, you are one of millions of people who have succumbed to this unhealthy habit.  More and more, research is showing that all of the soft drinks sold today are filled with chemicals and toxins that are being passed off as "nutrients" and acceptable caloric intake.  

The real truth is, that most soft drink manufacturers are in massive competition with one another.  This means that they are steadily adding addictive chemicals to soda and soft drinks that do much more harm to your body, than good.  

Their goal was never to make a "nutritious" soft drink.  Their goal was to create a soft drink that outsells their competitors consistently.  So, most all soft drinks today are filled with addictive substances such as caffeine, refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, as well as a myriad of flavorings that have addictive substances as well.  Furthermore, you are not even anymore safe by drinking "diet"sodas.  

More and more, research is revealing that diet soft drinks have aspartame and other chemical sweeteners that are actually causing your body to gain weight instead of lose weight.  Chemical sweeteners are full of nasty side effects that can often include bloating, water retention, dehydration, numbness in various parts of the body or body parts, organ failure or malfunction, skin problems, stomach problems, headaches / migraines and a myriad of allergic reactions that may initially appear unrelated to your intake of soft drinks.

Again, soft drink addiction is one of the primary causes of weight gain / obesity and diabetes.  It can also cause high blood pressure, skin ailments and neurological problems.  Doctors are taught to never connect and implicate these direct causes to these health problems, (including the manufacturers and corporations that sell these products).  Though, more and more, doctors are becoming more strict with their patients about their fast food / processed food and soft drink daily intake.

Doctors see the extreme differences in health, of those patients that are addicted to fast foods, processed foods, and soft drinks.  Weight Gain / Obesity, Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure are on the rise in the USA like never before.  And, the direct correlation to these toxic "food" substances are obvious, especially to those in the health profession.  Your need for good health can no longer be ignored.



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If you have been addicted to soft drinks for many years or for just a short time, this Subliminal Audio Program will boost your resistance to soft drinks, improve wellness and help you regain some of the physical health you have lost.  You will feel motivated to exercise and eat healthier foods.  Your sleep will become more restful and healing.  Even if you have lost your energy, motivation and optimism, this powerful audio program will assist your mind / body healing and allow your body to re-energize and begin to build energy.


Legal Discalimer:  This website or this Audio Program does NOT replace medical / psychological advice or treatment.  If you have suicidal thoughts, seek professional treatment immediately.  We make no direct or indirect claims against any soft drink manufacturer.  This advertisement is for informational purposes only.  

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