Body Tour - Guided Imagery - Wm. H. Brown A.P.  - Amazing Guided Imagery to Explore Your Body and Mind
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Body Tour - Guided Imagery - Wm. H. Brown A.P. - Amazing Guided Imagery to Explore Your Body and Mind

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Body Tour


William H. Brown, A.P., M.C.Ht.

Guided Imagery Program

The Body Tour is the latest Mind / Body Guided Imagery offering from Wm. H. Brown. "Bill" Brown is world renown for his former Guided Imagery recordings "Mind Body Healing" and "Immune Enhancement".  Once again, Mr. Brown is setting a new standard in the world of Guided Imagery and Mind Body Conditioning.  Thousands of people have benefited from Mr. Brown's Guided Imagery Programs worldwide. Now, you can too.

The Body Tour takes you on a mental journey that reduces your physical and psychological stress. In the process your sleep improves, blood pressure moderates and your immune system is enhanced. This powerful recording also introduces Rachael Aldrich as Co-Facilitator with Mr. Brown. The two facilitate your Guided Imagery Journey as you work through your Body, Mind and Spirit to resolve stress, anxiety and burdens that keep your Body and Mind in optimum health.

This pleasant journey can be used regularly to control stress, blood pressure, increase your immune system, and promote your overall optimism. This Audio Program is also enhanced with pschoacoustics that facilitate healing, restful sleep and lasting rejuvenation.  Buy yours today!


This is one of the most powerful recordings you can ever own. The Body Tour is a CD Audio Recording that can be listened to daily till satisfactory results are achieved. Over time, this recording enhances your life with wonderful benefits that truly facilitates you toward a more optimum health. This a truly a self-empowering recording. You will feel the benefits even after your first use. You will see and feel the results in coming weeks as you utilize this recording. Make an investment in yourself. And, take the "Body Tour".



About Wm. H. Brown

Wm. H. "Bill" Brown has been recording exceptional self-help and personal development products for over 20 years.  Bill Brown is an Acupuncture Physician and Mind / Body Healing Expert that maintains a practice in Winter Park, FL. He is also a sought after speaker and trainer. This CD Program is a well known Audio Program that has been used by thousands of people who have recovered from life-threatening and/or debilitating conditions. This Audio Program is a standard in the healing arts and psychoacoustic programs throughout the world.


The Body Tour achieves just that; it is an Audio Program with Guided Imagery, music and nature sounds that are designed and produced to enhance the body's own innate healing capacities. Every human has an incredible immune system capable of incredible healing capacities that are unique for their own body. The mind and body constantly work together to maintain their best physical health.

The Body Tour is a way to develop and enhance your intuitive skills to gain and maintain healing mechanisms for optimum Mind / Body Health. This is a program that is renowned for its incredible effectiveness and ability to train the bodies subconscious to promote maximum effectiveness.
Experience this powerful Guided Imagery Audio Program to strengthen your immune system.

This Guided Imagery Audio is incredibly effective for improving and maintaining your health. It was created using the most sophisticated digital recording and processing available. The sound of a mountain stream and beautiful synthesizer music combine to enhance your relaxation, while William H. Brown's soothing voice guides you through a tranquil visual trek that helps to heal and connect your body and mind. Play this recording over and over again while you sleep or relax. Your physical health will begin to improve within a few days of use. This program is great for building your immune system. Fact: Your Body and Mind is the most effective support system you have to maintain and stabilize your physical health. Medical sciences (while well advanced) can only provide for limited assistance in recovery. Our actual healing and recovery is something we do on our own.


Fact:   Many Eastern Cultures have much less disease and illness that lead to death because they use their innate healing capabilities to heal their own bodies.


Most often, medication and treatment act merely as a support system until your body’s natural immunity and healing ability takes over. (Chemotherapy is an obvious example of this western medical treatment.) However, as most other cultures in our world know, you have the most powerful healing mechanism within your own body -- your immune system!  By building your immune system and springing it into action, your body's natural resources and healing capabilities come together to assist in healing and recovery from most any disease or illness. You may have read stories about people making a full recovery from a malignant brain tumor or recovering from terminal cancer; this audio program may well be the program that assisted and guided that person to a complete recovery.*

As described in medical journals, studies and reviews, this Audio Program combines the success of mind/body healing, psychoacoustics and psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) for your benefit. Research in the field has helped to catapult mind/body healing to the next level. If you know how effective and important your own natural body's immunity truly is, then you understand the importance of this audio program. Allow the healing power of your body to work for you NOW! If you have been exposed to a contagious illness, this will assist your immune system to help keep you healthy.  Your sleep will become more restful and healing. If you already have good health, this is a great enhancer toward your personal health and fitness.  If you have been ill, this powerful audio program will assist your healing and immune system as well as allowing your body to re-energize and build energy.




A Stress Relieving Program for the Muscles


Approximately 80% of the patients in physicians’ waiting rooms are there due to stress or the results of it.  Much of our stress manifests as tight muscles.


How often do you see someone put a hand on the back of their neck and move their head so as to loosen tight neck and shoulder muscles?  Chronically tight muscles will lead to a loss of flexibility in the short term.  Over the long stretch the muscles you always keep tight will damage joints by depriving them of needed rest. And over years, joint cartilage can break down, thereby leading to a loss of mobility and persistent pain. Chronically contracted muscles, over time, can even increase the chances of developing osteoporosis. You really do not want to know what stress will do to your cardiovascular system.


Unfortunately, we often do not have many stress-free periods in our daily lives, and we really could use a break much more often than we get one. If you often wish you could reduce your stress levels, lose the occasional muscle spasm, and let go the heavy load you feel like you are always carrying on your back and shoulders, this program is for you.


Potential Benefits of Daily Listening




1.  You get a time out that will be better than a nap because there are healthy

     suggestions for your subconscious mind throughout the program..


2.  Your muscles will get some of the good rest and rejuvenation they need


3.  Since long-term stress can cause narrowing of the arteries and raising cholesterol levels, you may be doing your cardiovascular system a favor.


4.   You will be getting many benefits of the so-called "Relaxation Response" which can counteract effects of stress.  These benefits may include but not be limited to:

  • lowered blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate
  • more stable blood flow to and through muscles
  • slowing of metabolism
  • strengthening of immune system


Fact:  Your body heals seven times faster while in a deep, restful sleep!



Body Tour Audio Program Tracks

Track 1. Introduction

Track 2.  Guided Imagery

Track 3.  Meditation Music for Personal Relaxation


Running time is:

50 minutes with a 25 minute (no voice) music meditation track

and a 25 minute (with voice) guided imagery track.



Legal Disclaimer:  We can make no extraordinary claims about this or any of our products.  Use at your own risk.  We do not diagnose or treat any particular illness or disease.  For medical or psychological advice, please consult your physician or an appropriate healthcare provider.

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