New Years Resolutions!!

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I remember a time when, at the turn of every New Year, we would make at least one resolution.  The resolution would usually be something we wanted to change in our life.  Sometimes it was something simple and sometimes, it was something not so simple.  

People would make a commitment to "drink (alcohol) less", or "stop smoking", or "lose 20 pounds".  Most often, it was to change something we did not like about ourselves, or to break a bad habit.  Sometimes, it was to improve something, such as "I am going to be nicer to the people I work with", or "I am going to work on saying "no" to people, more often".  

It was common practice to make up a New Years Resolution, so much so, that it was even common to ask others, "What was YOUR New Years Resolution?"  As, we were so accustomed to work on changing our lives for the better, that we were open, and often quite committed to making this particular change we had verbalized to others.  

Today, as we are moving well into 2017 already, few people are making "New Years Resolutions" anymore.  It seems to have died off as a practice, for most.  

I believe that we need to go back to making these "commitments" to ourselves, and verbalizing them to others.  Verbalizing our commitments and intentions actually empower us more, and can often hold us more accountable.  It is even a good idea to get others to hold us responsible for our commitments, by setting a date and / or a timeline goal.  Our friends, family and co-workers can often be excellent supports to remind and encourage us.  

What would you like to change, beginning today!?!


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