What You "Hear" Versus What You "Think" by Christian Flint, MA, M.C.Ht.

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Did you know that "hearing" the words that come from your mouth has a different impact on your own brain, than merely thinking it??  Research has proven what many Neuroscientists and Psychologists have surmised all along.  

Most people would think that whatever you are "thinking" in your own mind, impacts your whole mind.  But, now we know that the part of your brain that "hears" your own words coming from your own mouth, impacts you differently than merely thinking them. 

Science formerly wondered why this is so.  But, the more we understand the different parts of the brain and our sensory perceptions, the better we understand these implications now.

What does this mean?  It means that for so long, we often believed that "thinking things through in our minds" was enough to resolve a problem or completely understand it.  Now we know that "voicing" the problem additionally goes back into our brain through the auditory portion and lands in a different part of your brain.  That part of your brain is also filled with "problem-solving" skills, as well as being capable to more rationally understand, deal with and resolve conflicts. 

This gives more support to Therapies and Modalities such as Counseling and "Talk Therapy".  We now know that when we speak our problems or concerns, what we hear ourselves saying can often have a different meaning and cause us to understand it differently.  This is an added bonus in how we can learn and utilize our brain / mind differently.  

So, the old adage "speak your mind" might give us a whole new perspective on problems, issues or conflicts, when we just take the time to do that.  As well, talking through our problems such as with a friend or Group Therapy, can also oftentimes help us to better put into perspective our issues and problems with which we struggle.

As a Clinical Counselor for many years, I learned that if I could get my clients to state their problem in different ways as well as stating the solutions and actions they were intending to take, "Therapy" and Constructive Advice went much further.   It often meant the difference between the client "dragging their feet" for many weeks, or beginning to take action that day.  

The Human Mind is extremely powerful.  Never believe or take for granted that you know enough about it.  The more Science investigates the Human Brain / Mind, the more we are learning. In some areas, we are still just scratching the surface of what we understand.  

It is one thing to know and understand the Human Mind, it is another thing to know how to utilize it properly.  Think, Speak and Act Wisely.  

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